The hymen is a thin layer of tissue that covers a portion of the entrance of the vagina.

Aesthetic reconstruction surgery of the hymen allows the restoration of the hymen following a tear caused by activity such as sexual intercourse. If you have not engaged in sexual intercourse after a long period of time, the hymen will not repair itself. Once broken, the only way to restore the hymen is to undergo a surgical procedure called a hymenoplasty. 

An intact hymen is a very delicate tissue alluring to female virginity. In some cases women lose their virginity without even having sexual intercourse.

For example: 

  • Horseback riding 
  • Direct trauma from a bad fall
  • Inserting a tampon

Note that some women never bleed at the time of their first sexual vaginal penetration. This is because some women are born without a hymen or a partial hymen. Some women, who have a hymen and have never had sexual intercourse, may also not bleed during the first time they have intercourse.



Surgical reconstruction of the hymen or hymenoplasty is performed under local anesthesia. The procedure should ideally be performed six weeks prior to ensure adequate healing of the tissue and ensure that the sutures are completely dissolved and invisible. After six to eight weeks remnants that there has been a surgery of the hymen are minimal.

You can expect to have some spotting of blood for 1 to 3 days after surgery. You may also experience some discomfort and mild pain, which can be managed with medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlos Cordoba. 

After having undergone a hymenoplasty, you should abstain from any sexual activity, inserting tampons, doing gymnastics or riding a horse to avoid breaking the hymen. 

It is possible to undergo another hymenoplasty surgery if the hymen tears again. A hymenoplasty can also be performed on women whom have given birth to children.

You can return to work the next day, but you may need to change your sitting position to decrease the discomfort and pressure placed on the area. If you decide to have sexual intercourse after having a hymenoplasty, you can expect some pain and bleeding when the new hymen breaks. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that there will be bleeding during the first time you have sexual intercourse, just as some women with an intact hymen may not bleed. 



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